Welcome to the forum! This is the place where you can ask all your questions. If you have questions about the wiki, do not panic or go around confused. Questions are very common and I understand if there is confusion. Forum will help answer all your questions. If you want to create a new page on the Forum for a new question, please do so. If you have questions about this wiki, click on one of the links. It will link you to a page which has the answers. If you have a question, click on the links:

Questions and Links

What are the rules here?~ Rules and Policies

How do I rename my account?~ Renaming Accounts

Why am I blocked?~ Blocks and bans

How do I get unblocked?~ How to get unblocked

Admin rights~ Admin rights here

I am having trouble with another user~ Problems with other users

How do I become chat moderator here?~ Chat moderator home page


If you want to add to the Forum by adding more answers to more questions, please indeed do so. You will have to create a page and article with the answer to the question. Make sure the answer is reasonable

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