Welcome to Keyfel Land! Welcome to this Keyfel Land! Keyfel Land is a small, enchanting city located on the magical island of Nicolekeyfel.

Welcome to my wiki! On this wiki, you are welcome to make pages about anything: you can make pages about cupcakes, kittens, love, you can also make pages about yourself! Feel free to contact me on my message wall if you have any questions. If you ever want to come on chat, please do so. If you are an administrator here, please be here regularly and on chat actively. Make sure you read the rules and policies before proceeding any further. Please do also try to be on chat when you can. Thank you!


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Keyfel News

~The wiki has been designed for the Winter Holidays!

~Pinocchio (the movie) has been posted; watch it now!

~Pages about Pinocchio have been successfully posted

~All admins here are expected to edit

~New emoticons for chat have been updated

~Tomb Run, Pyramid Run and Temple Run 2 have been updated and posted in Games

~Subway Surfers has been canceled to be posted

~New polls will be created for this wiki; submit your ideas on what the poll should be!

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